Saturday, June 18, 2011

C-ute's live Youtube concert stream download link

I didn't record this myself because of some issues I was having, so thankfully someone else uploaded their recording. It even includes the bonus rehearsal footage that was aired a couple of hours before the concert!

80% of the time, the quality was much better than the USTREAM concert from a month ago, so although this is the exact same concert, I still advise you to watch this one as well!

This is a re-encode from the videos on the tracker so thanks to the original encoder.

Concert download link (2 hours, 614 MB):

Fixed rehearsal footage download link (9 minutes, 43 MB):

If there are any glitches or anything (besides the inevitable random freezes that a live recording will have), please let me know because I don't have time to QC these videos.


  1. The audio in the second half of the Rehearsal is out of sync; audio before video. Is that a source problem? It doesn't occur in the concert.

  2. The only quality issue, was when they stepped in front of that screen behind them. It was the S/mileage Yumemiru 15 video all over again.(all those sparkles causing all those compression artifacts and distortions)

  3. Fixed: