Thursday, June 30, 2011

Airii~n Deshou?! Monthly Wrap Up (June 2011 Edition)

Another month has come and gone so here's June's wrap-up post. As expected, I didn't break last month's Airii~n deshou?! post record, but I came much closer than I ever thought, especially considering I now have school to attend daily.

Both Kanon and Erina got solo let's-stare-into-the-camera DVDs and you can watch previews of them above.

Download and watch episodes 6-8 to see Sayu's home cooking, Maasa/Risako cosplaying, and Manoeri PB making of among other things.

Continuing the barrage of magazine/photobook pictures that we've see of Airi lately are some scans of the magazine Young Gangan. I also reached a pretty big milestone this month - 100k views.

The shocking announcement became even more surprising with an interview with Tsunku.

 There was a pretty epic Sayu appearance that Hyakupa subtitled into English. Watch as Sayu and staff plays a hilarious prank on an unsuspecting host.

 A fantasy game where you input your name and get a confession from a random H!P remember. The results range from pure praise to downright hatred. Play at your own risk.

Berryz Koubou had a ton of promotion (especially TV promotion) for Ai no Dangan and KIDS fansubs subtitled one of the better TV appearances.

Sayaka's debut single, Yappa Seishun released in June and I encoded the PV that was on the limited DVD.

Two pieces of Berikyuu news announced this month that made this fan jump for joy.

Another epic TV appearance for Berryz, this time on the show The Hunter.

C-ute has been together for six years!

 I encoded the bluray version of the A-gana bonus footage three different ways. For those wondering, the main concert is done and uploaded. I just need to find the time to actually blog about it.

 The normal PV was already hot. The dance shot version turned things up a notch, which is evident in those gifs.

Momoiro's making of was full of cute and awesome moments so I had to immortalize them in gif form.

C-ute had the honor of holding H!P's first ever live Youtube concert stream and it was truly amazing. I can only hope there are more to come.

A two part look at how you can support your favorite idols without ever having to set foot in Japan.

 Six new girls joined the ranks of the H!P Eggs and two are familiar faces.

 Kanna, another hot girl, and plenty of guns. It's gonna be great.

 TPF is looking for new members. If you have experience in the fansubbing world and want to be a part of something special, contact me!

My first project with TPF is a funny Berryz TV appearance!

Want to own the regular edition of Ai no Dangan? Enter today before its too late!

Yeah, good luck memorizing that one.

Sayu and Reina teach you how to take better cellphone pictures.

I encoded Buono!'s newest concert from my bluray DVD. The HD versions will be out very soon (480p and 720p 60fps versions are done encoding and need to be uploaded; 1080p is 75% done encoding).

Previews for Buono!'s new single.

EDIT: I almost forgot to report June's stats. You guys visited Airii~n deshou?! over 70,000 times in the month of June alone - that's nearly double May's total!


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