Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Encoding status 6/21

Might as well do another one of these.

Just in case you missed the post last time, this is just a brief update on what type of downloads to expect in the near future.

Currently working on/will be released soon-ish:

- H!P 2011 Winter Blu-ray

I already released the A-gana bonus footage last week and very soon I will be releasing the main concert. All three versions are done encoding. The 408p version is done uploading and I still have to upload some of the 720p version and all of the 1080p version. B-kkuri is put on hold because of the below video.

- Re;Buono Blu-ray concert

Both the normal DVD and the Blu-ray version releases tomorrow and my copy should be here sometime between Friday-Monday. When I get it, it will become priority #1.

- Cutie Land 5

Since I'm done with the A-gana concert, I'll focus on getting this done. I have one of three discs done and the other two should be done by tomorrow-ish but I don't know when I can upload them because the A-gana 720p and 1080p upload takes a while to complete.

- Ai no Dangan sub

Ai no Dangan is so awesome I had to sub it. It's 100% done and uploaded and I will blog about it later today.


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