Friday, June 10, 2011

Berryz on The Hunter 6/9/2011 screenshots

I've never heard of nor seen The Hunter before, but nevertheless, they devoted almost a whole TV show (27 minutes!) to Berryz so I'm more than happy.

The show starts off with a prologue

where I have no idea what's going on. It seems like they got an invite to Nakano Sun Plaza.

 A UFA representative handed them backstage passes,

and the hosts suddenly were living every Berryz wota's dreams. Here you can see

that both Berryz Koubou and Tsunku himself are on the premises. Before finding Berryz, they help themselves

to some of the amazing looking food there. Moving along, they find even more food

and once again samples some. Further down the path to awesomeness,

are Berryz's concert outfits. At the end of the line, they finally arrive on stage

to see Berryz finishing up a Heroine ni Narou ka! concert rehearsal. I must say that Berryz sounded really, really good here. Yurina's last solo is full of so much win <3

After Berryz are finished, the hosts get to chat a little bit and the stage itself becomes a topic of discussion.

It looks really cool up close, but the acrophobe in me begs to differ. Next, staff-san shows off the stage's transforming qualities

by moving another section in place, amazing the hosts in the process. I'm really loving the behind-the-scenes stuff present in this show. Speaking of it, I left this show completely intact - commercials and all (again, I think Japanese CMs are awesome) - to keep the full experience (that and I'm lazy; either excuse is legit).

Back to the actual show, the hosts continue their (my) dream day

by attending that day's concert. After wrapping up whatever this TV show's story was supposed to be,

they sit down for a proper talk segment.

However, there is one problem. One of the hosts mistakenly called Saki, "leader",

which Momo quickly corrects. I love how Berryz is defensive of their Captain <3

After describing the single,

one of the hosts decided that Berryz should promote the single by looking into the camera and saying a phrase sexily. Not all of them were .gif friendly (they are better heard than just seen), but a couple were perfect. For example, Chinami was first:

Risako followed,

Yurina also had something to show,

Miyabi too,

and of course Momo had to get on in the action.

Overall I had tons of fun watching this. The hosts were pretty cool and I especially loved how they gave all of the girls a chance to talk and/or do something, unlike most shows that just focus on one or two members. I don't say this often, but subs are needed!

If you want to help Berryz out and encourage UFA to continue this Berryz TV promotional blitz, you can buy this single!


  1. Ah, third screenshot is Fuji Takahashi (I believe that's his name) aka Matthew Minami, from Matthew's Best Hit TV (check the Hello!Online tracker). He always has a great interaction with H!P members. Must watch this!

  2. Holyyyy crap it is him, isn't it? I knew he looked familiar but I didn't recognize him without the blonde hair and flashy suit.