Saturday, June 11, 2011

Berryz on Do desu ka! 6/11/11

I can has moar Berryz promotion?

Yes, another TV appearance for Berryz promoting Ai no Dangan (and this isn't the last one; there is still more to come). They appeared on another morning newsy show called Do desu ka! earlier today.

You can check out why all the hype was warranted by buying this single!


  1. Ai no Dangan is at 11 on oricon today, and I really don't understand why they are so low.

    I mean, the song (including the covers and the coupling song) is solid, the PV is more than decent, we have TV (as well as radio) appearance after appearance and if you read Captain's blog all of the members have been rushing from music store to music store in all parts of Japan to do cd deliveries and in store events.

    Did all the wota money dissapear after the AKB elections (I have nothing against AKB)? What gives?

    I hope we get the typical end of the week boost, (since a decent amount of music stores only report to Oricon at the end of the week) H!P singles usually display.

  2. Woah, so much promotion. Oh my goodness.

  3. @tommyvd: It's really weird how badly this single is doing. I mean I could understand if UFA did their usual promotion (absolutely nothing), but Berryz have been appearing on two TV shows daily. I guess the only think lacking is a true quality TV show appearance like Music Station or something.

    @Leia: And I have two more appearances I haven't posted about yet~

  4. @tommyvd: yeah i agree, after all there promotion and going to more tv shows than i can count, this single is doing a bit badly. BERRY KOUBOU SINGLE DESERVES TO BE HIGHER ON THE ORICON CHART!!