Friday, April 8, 2011

UFZS - A group of graduated Eggs, part one

If you follow my blog closely, you'll know that I'm a fan of the Eggs. So, when I first reported that Sengoku, Konatsu, and Morisaki had completed their Egg training I was cautiously optimistic. I knew UFA had to have something special planned for them; I just didn't know what.

Months passed and I started to get a little worried. What would become of all of those graduated Eggs?

A lot of them are no longer associated with UFA, but for some, the answer is a new group called UFZS.

UFZS's producer called them a K-pop dance cover group, but I can only imagine that bigger things will come from them in the near future (more on that soon). But for right now, just think of them as a very talented group of dancers.

Originally they were going to hit the stage at a K-pop event called Dream On! Vol. 2 on March 31st (along with other artists), but it was canceled due to the ongoing crisis in Japan.

A lot of fans shy away from Eggs, so here is some basic information on them.

  • What is UFZS?
They are a five member group consisting of all former Eggs: Mori Saki, Furukawa Konatsu, Sekine Azusa, Satou Ayano, and Arai Minami. 

  • What about Sengoku Minami? You said she graduated too!
She did indeed "complete her Egg training", but she is not a member of UFZS. However, she is a member of Up-Front Girls, which is slightly different. Up-Front Girls is kind of like a record label. Think of Up-Front Girls as like Hello! Project and UFZS as like Morning Musume. Manoeri is a member of H!P, but not Morning Musume right? Same situation here with Sengoku.
Also, I have heard that she is now a soloist, but I don't have any additional information on that.

  • Wait, so they aren't Hello! Project members?
From what I can tell, no. Up Front Girls is separate from H!P just like TNX/Nice Girls Project and SINA/H!P Kansai.

  • Then what are they going to do now that their debut at Dream On! Vol. 2 was canceled?
Don't worry, they aren't just going to disappear. They share a blog together on the most popular Japanese blog site, Ameblo. They also are featured on a new UFA television show (yes, another new TV show) called Up-Front Girls, which just aired its first episode April 2nd.

On part two I will talk more about the individual members and show videos so that you can get to know them better.


  1. After seeing that dancing video I became a lot more interested in Morisaki. I actually am looking forward to what this group can bring.

  2. you two can fight over Morisaki (though she is awesome). i'll take Konatsu <3

  3. Is Konatsu the leader? Or just the front girl of the group?

  4. I'm very happy to see Saki still preforming.

    Sengoku Minami is to be the host of the Up-Front Girls show.

  5. @Kevin: Konatsu is looked as the unofficial leader since she is oldest.

    @Hidders: Indeed. Good to see both of them doing something.

  6. Arai reminds me of Fukuda Asuka, in a good way.