Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Berryz Koubou 7 Berryz Times Album limited DVD

Berryz released their 7th album last week and the limited edition came with a DVD. On it is solo dance versions of Heroine ni Narou ka! for each member, a Dance Mix Ver., a live performance of Heroine ni Narou ka! , and a short making of the jacket of the album.

First is the album cover making of.

Oh Risako, what is your right hand doing?
Next is the live performance. It is from Hello! Project's 2011 Winter Concert.
Moar Captain touching herself = win
Not to be outdone, Risako gives it a try.

i love this song
Now for the Dance Mix Ver. This version is a new edit of various angles of them dancing. There is some zooming in during key moments (like the above touching).

And now for the solo dance versions! Like the title suggests, each version focuses on only one member dancing.


  1. arigatou gozaimasu!

  2. oh and that Risako GIF is WIN

  3. Risako boobie squeeze *_* -dies-

  4. asdfyes

    And I mean for the vids, of course.
    Not the touching thing, obviously not into that xD

    Wait so Chinami now has extentions?
    That was quick o3o

  5. Although I do love how in the gif, Maasa's all srs bsns in the background.

  6. I remember that gif. Maasa sure looks serious as hell behind Risako though lol.

  7. Sexy Risako! She's all "I'm my own push-up bra!"

    Thanks for the linkage!