Thursday, April 7, 2011

Michishige Sayumi - homey (english subbed)

Hyakupa has once again kindly subtitled an eLineUP e-Hello DVD. This time around, it's Sayu's turn to look pretty for the camera.

Sayu's DVD by far has the most dialogue in it, so Sayu fans won't be disappointed by downloading this video.

Also, like all of the DVDs, Sayu does something interesting during the credits.

She sprays water over the credits and the staff added a fade-out effect to make it seem like she was washing away the names. Credits were never more fun to watch.


  1. should have made a GIF out of the credits :P

  2. The editors for the e-Hello DVDs are sure getting creatve. I usually turn the video off at the first sign of the credits so perhaps they should use these editors on all the DVDs, I might be inclined to see Tsunku's name once again. I'm not a big Sayumi fan but it still might be worth a watch.

  3. I see they added a twist at the end. Sayu is a bundle of hotness so I'll be downloading this dvd. Arigtou Gozaimasu.

  4. Hi

    The password "seek" is incorrect, it doesn't let me download it :/

    Hope you can help, thanks.