Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kitahara Sayaka to release a single

So in my first post about the Eggs, I talked about Sayaka joining the same label as T-Pistonz+KMC (a group that worked with Berryz doing the theme songs for the Inazuma Eleven anime) and possibly becoming a soloist. Well I am happy to say that is finally coming true.

She now has an official website and will be doing voice acting work for Inazuma Eleven. She will also release a solo single on June 22nd according to the H!O twitter.

I once stated my doubts on having Sayaka being a soloist (at least at her current level), but I did not even think about her being a VA and releasing anime related singles, like Hirano Aya. Sayaka has a really unique tone to her voice that is perfect for anime because it has a special quality to it that will really bring a character to life.

If you've never heard her voice act before, here is episode 104 of Kirarin Revolution where she voices Noel (the blue haired character).

See, completing your Egg training isn't bad. Now all of the Eggs who stayed with UFA and completed their training are doing something that they (presumably) enjoy. Saho won't be ignored.


  1. ahhhhh so that's her.....THEN CAN'T WAIT

  2. Yayness! I can't wait for the release, anime music is the easiest thing for me to obtain.

    I have my fingers crossed that she'll be received well by the anime's fans. It's one thing to do Kirarin as a member of H!P and another to join an anime without those ties being there any longer. I would love to see her reach a smaller level than Hirano; a small guarantee that she's not going to disappear on us.

    I doubt the UFZS girls are doing what they really want. I mean all the Eggs joined to become singers in the first place. But this news about Sayaka it definitely something good and not to be overlooked.

    I'm still hoping for a delayed addition to 9th gen Momusu for Akari. It's what I want and I will throw a temper tantrum if I don't get it.

  3. I can't wait either. For anyone that wants to pre-order it right now, it's on HMV's online store:

    UFZS may not be doing exact what they love (though who knows; K-pop is pretty big in Japan now), but at the very least, they have their own television show, which is already more than they were doing. Plus they haven't even debuted yet, so a single could still be coming.

    I certainly wouldn't mind Saho in MM (she was my #1 choice when it was announced that Eggs could audition), but it would kind of be weird timing now. If she does debut within H!P, I could see her fitting in with S/mileage. Or maybe even a Manoeri/Saho duo (duos are awesome).

  4. ^ (Long reply, sorry, I have no ability to sound-bite my responses.)

    Kinda gotta sing in a single and as of right now UFZS is just a dance group. But who knows, maybe they are UFA's post-Eggs dream team and being a dance cover group is just a test run to see how people take them as a group.

    It's not unknown to have girls added after the official auditions. Examples: Miki and the Pandas. I kinda hate the whole foundation of H!P because of all the crap happening to the Eggs program. I knew that the introduction of the MM 9th gen would completely change H!P but I didn't even imagine that it'd be this big of a change.

    Eh? I can't imagine Tsunku touching the shiny money maker that is S/mileage. I would love it to happen but if he hadn't added her from the beginning he probably won't. I really found it insulting that he used all of that gen's Shugo Chara Egg girls and excluded Akari. The group would have still been just as good with 5 member line-up. And just imagine, the current C-ute & S/mileage concert would look more like the Berryz Koubou vs. C-ute concert, which was awesome since they had the same number of members at the time.

    Mano/Saho... Hmm, yes, I'm liking that idea. I'm not a Mano fan whatsoever but even I've notice that there's been some lost steam there. Mano would be able to pull some personality out of Akari, and I think Akari would be able to add something new.

  5. lol, it's okay. my blog posts are always long anyway

    You're right. Nothing resembling a single has been announced. I just don't think they would go to all of these lengths (TV show, promotion like that canceled K-pop event and a Melodix appearance) for a dance cover group. There has to be more in store for them. Otherwise it would be a huge waste of talent (and money).

    That's very true, but the only issue I see here is the timing. I mean it hasn't even been that long since the audition winners were announced. If Tsunku wanted Saho in Morning Musume, why didn't he announce it at the same time with Mizuki? If Saho graduating from the Eggs happened closer to Aichan's graduation date then I could see this happening, but I just think the timing is off.

    One reason I mentioned S/mileage (besides what you already said - they were in Shugo Chara Egg together) is because Tsunku mentioned when S/mileage was first formed that the lineup could change. Though to be fair, he said the exact same thing about Berryz when they debuted.

    And they both were Eggs together for a while, so at least they aren't complete strangers.

  6. According to their debut DVD "Toe The Line", Tsunku said that the line-up of S/mileage may or may not change before the group's debut. I think he really just wanted to scare these girls into working their tails off to impress him. And it worked.

    I think my Saho bubble is wilting. I guess we just wait and hope for good news.