Thursday, April 7, 2011

UFA cheers on Japan with a charity single

Virtually every artist and group Up Front Works has ever had (131 according to the H!O twitter) came together for a single cause - to sing Ai wa Katsu and raise some money for Japan.

If that song sounds familiar, it's because C-ute and Manoeri sang it on H!P's super awesome 2009 cover album.

The song will soon be available on iTunes (I'll edit this post when it becomes available). The proceeds will almost definitely go to charity so you should totally buy it if you can! EDIT: It is now available.

There will also be a charity event on the 9th which will feature a ton of UFA related artists including C-ute, S/mileage, Manoeri, H!P Eggs, Ayaya, The Possible, Canary Club, Kaori, Tsuji, Yossie, Rika, Koharu, Kikka, Mikitty, Ogawa Makoto, UFZS, Yaguchi, Maeda Yuki (former awesome H!P enka artist), Noto Arisa (former leader of H!P eggs), Miyoshi Erika (former v-u-den member), Karen (awesome TNX enka artist), and Tsunku himself. Read here for a full list of artists that will be in attendance. It's going to be epic.



  1. Money-money-money, money! I love how the credits are longer than the actual song. So long... Hm, I do like that song though. But I like the one Berryz did with Mano; the things-that-a-wife-must-do song. We'll probably see "Ai wa Katsu" in the H!P Summer concert now.

    *pokes Momoko* She's so cute!

    No Kyukkies, that makes me sad. They could have at least let them pretend that they're on this single.

    I miss Yuko. And that's strange as I'm not really a fan of the older OGs, they were all gone by the time I started following Momusu. I can't wait for the Dream Morning Musume concert to be on DVD, it's going to be epic!