Saturday, April 30, 2011

USTREAMUSUME #3 (April 27, 2011)

Episode 3 of Risa and 9th gen's weekly show.


Erina continues to provide us with cute moments,

Riho shows us her ability to draw diseased chopsticks,

and Kanon shows her recorder playing skills.

Also, for whatever reason, during a Quiz segment they had to guess the name of Brad Pitt's wife. Almost all of the guesses were hilarious (hey, let's yell out names of random American celebs!), but Riho gives this glorious answer:

Oh 9th gen, I think I love you.


  1. lol what did Riho said? XD
    and yes, Eripon and Zukki <33333

  2. The ninth gen is made of pure and absolute win.

  3. I love Eripon's hair like this! Very cute.

    "Anchovy!" Oh Zukki. I still like the "Apple Starr". I think it really threw the girls that a British guy has a Japanese name.

    It seems that the closer the girls to each other get the more comfortable they are in front of the cameras. Look at Riho, she was always fussing with her hair and now it's a mess! I'm pretty happy about it too.

    I watched this week's HelloPro! Time and I must say it was just what I needed to like Mizuki. She's definitely the big sister of the Kyukkies. It's a little strange to watch since HPT was recorded just before their 2nd Ustream and Mizuki was still holding back on that episode. She seemed very open on HPT but that might be because Ustream is live and the setup is a little stiff. If you haven't watched it yet it's totally worth watching. They play a game where Risa speaks some lyrics and one of the girls are to sing the lyrics & name the song. The song Eripon sings is perfect since I get Konkon feelings from her. Alright, enough spoilers.