Saturday, April 30, 2011

Airii~n Deshou?! Monthly Wrap Up (April 2011 Edition)

I know that because I make so many blog posts, it is very easy to miss something. So I am going to make a post at the end of each month highlighting some of the posts of that month.

April is the perfect time to start this new series because this is the 64th post for the month (a new Airii~n Deshou?! record).

I just have to start off talking about my April Fools Day post. Talking to one of my friends that loves AKB gave me the general idea. I started planning weeks in advance and even got that friend to help out a bit. At the last minute I scrapped the idea because I really didn't feel like finishing, but some more convincing finally made me commit to it. That post also inspired me to make a couple of changes to the blog (new fonts, banner, background picture, and colors), so there definitely was tons of positives that came out of it.

What could very well be Aichan's last photobook as a member of Morning Musume released earlier this month and I have some photobook preview pictures as well as the making of DVD. 
9th Gen's first concert tour kicked off this month, so we got to see the tour setlist. I didn't like it so much, but I'll wait for the DVD to pass the final judgement. 

To promote 9th Gen's first single, Morning Musume appeared on various TV shows throughout the month. This one was subbed into English by Hyakupa.

Kanna already returned to life as an (gravure) idol, and now Megu and Erika have things they are working on. Megu joined an entertainment agency, and Erika acted in a PV.

Many changes have been made to the Hello! Project Eggs in the last couple of months. Read the post above to see exactly what happened.

One of the most recent changes to the H!P Eggs is Saho completing her Egg training. Could an upgrade to the main H!P acts be in her future?

Two more e-Hello solo DVDs for you to download. Sayu's is subtitled into English by Hyakupa.

In response to the earthquake and tsunami, virtually every UFA artist came together to sing Ai wa Katsu (which you can buy on iTunes) and also held a charity event where they all perform that song live. 

UFZS is a group whose members are all former Eggs. Read all about them above. When they make their debut, I'll write part two with more information on the individual members.

In celebration of her 17th birthday, I wrote a long post with subbed Airi solos and pictures. Then Airi herself gave a video message.

Morning Musume sub-leader Risa and the 9th generation members have a weekly show on USTREAM where they answer viewer mail, promote Morning Musume things, and just goof off. You can download all three episodes by clicking on the links above.

Airi made her movie debut this month and you can download or watch it streaming there. Since its in Japanese, you can also read my review and plot analysis (spoilers to follow).

Maichan had a USTREAM show and Airi and Nakky made appearances.  

It will take place sometime this summer.

A nakky blog post revealed what could be her second PB. 

These are basically solo close ups of one member. Download and watch your favorite member sing and dance for an hour.

Read all about the plot of Airi and Reina's new vampire flick.

Sayaka will be doing Anime work and will release a solo single tied to Inazuma Eleven.

Read on to see pictures!

The TV show that replaced Bijo Gaku. HelloPro! Time seems to be even more awesome.

Berryz made their first trip to mainland USA this month. Read on to see pictures and videos chronicling their journey. 

You can listen to C-ute's new single, which aired on a Japanese radio station.

A new NHK World TV show called International After School aired where C-ute act as co-hosts of sorts.


    1. I still wonder what that Nakky new

    2. Record post count last month! I really think this was one of the greatest months in H!P since quite a while. Well, maybe not the greatest but perhaps the most productive. Lots of things happening and goodies released.

    3. See! Even AKB fans and H!P fans can get along. ^_^