Friday, April 15, 2011

Airi's Keitai Kanojo movie streaming

Last Wednesday Airi's first movie came on DVD, so it goes without saying that I had to encode it.

I have not yet watched it, but I can already tell from skimming through the movie that it's a bloody one. Squeamish people beware.

Unfortunately this movie does not have subtitles, so if you don't understand Japanese then you'll just have to admire Airi's acting skills for an hour.

On the subject of subtitles: if there are any translators out there that wants to work on subbing this, please contact me! I can and will do literally every other fansubbing job (timing, editing, encoding, QC, distro). The only thing holding me back is not knowing enough of the language to translate. So if you can translate Japanese > English, then let me know so that we can make this movie more enjoyable for all of Airi's foreign English speaking fans!

Because it's Airi, I used the best encoding techniques I know to ensure that the movie came out looking as good as I could possibly get it to look. It took over five hours of encoding time (normally a video of this length takes about 20 minutes to encode) on this PC that I built specifically for encoding.

EDIT: Thanks to TPF subs, we were finally able to subtitle this into english. Check it out!


  1. Thanks for a modest encode size. There's a version that's over 1GB out but the space on my external hard-drive is very limited these days.

    It was the creeper! Oh my goodness, I was so wrong. There were so many twists that I could barely keep up. Creepy brother complex...

    Yes, must be subbed. Though you can still understand what's going on without them.

  2. Oooh very interesting indeed. I'll watch it sometime

  3. Hello!
    I use it for my site Suzuki Airi France.
    Of course I credit you, but I can delete the article if you don't agree that I use your link, which is understable. Thank you from my heart!

  4. Hi Chobi, yes you can use my link. I want all Airi fans to be able to watch this movie so I am happy that you posted it on your blog!

  5. You can search for subbing groupo to offer your job. Think of KIDS, Hyakupa, H!F...

  6. yappari,,c-ute member act in a movie...x) I really surprised about it, really want to watch it soon..x)

  7. this movie got subtitle? if not can giv me link for dl english so bad...sry =3

  8. Same here...need english subs.
    also, if you know about english subs for these: Keitai Kanojo ; The Cat ; Shirome ; White The Melody of the Curse