Monday, April 4, 2011

Former C-ute members are making a name for themselves

Murakami Megumi and Umeda Erika, two former C-ute members, have been branching out into the entertainment business lately.

Megumi (pictured above) has joined some theater company and and will begin dancing again. Megu looks so grown up! I really, really hope she also starts singing again because I have always considered her to be the best singer in Hello! Project Kids.

Erika, on the other hand has taken up acting. You can see her in Episode One of this drama PV thing:

I wish the both of them success in their new careers!


  1. Megumi doesn't look like Megumi

  2. and megumi looks like a hotter version of herself.....

  3. I'll say it, Megumi looks jacked. Where's the little cutie we all fell in love with? She should have never left C-ute for a boy. Sad...

    The PV is for the indie artist Shiki-canata. Smart move for an upcoming artist since he'll get the attention from her starving fans. Hopefully he'll keep her in his PVs long enough for her to get some drama/movie offers. I still think leaving C-ute was a bad move but it might work out if she keeps working. She did a fashion show earlier this year with a former Momusu member, Ichii Sayaka. That would have been interesting to see.

  4. wow,,they do a great job,x)
    erally miss them,,and kanna too of course,
    hope they'll succes for everything they do..