Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Airi and Reina to star in a new movie

Airi and Reina will both be in a movie titled Vampire Stories.

Actually, as you can see above, it's two movies. Airi will be in the "Brothers" side of the story while Reina stars in the "Chasers" side.

On her blog, Airi describes some of the plot of the Brothers story:
Series of murders have occured within the University circle at a riverbed by the valley...
the protagonist who unexpectedly escaped trouble Sei, (Yagashita Dai) and
Midori the sister who wasn't born in the same family but was raised in it (Suzuki Airi)
find out about news about their friend's deaths on the news on the TV.
Before long, forgetting about his grief, Sei solves the mystery of 5 years ago of the disappearance of his older brother Ai (Katou Kazuki) who suddenly appears infront of him.
Thanks to risusaTEN for the translation. You can read more about the plot there and you can read about Reina's side of the story at Tokyograph and at the official site.

CDJapan has the release date of the DVD for June 22, but it looks like it's just a making of DVD.


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