Monday, April 4, 2011

Morning Musume Maji Desu ka Ska On Ryu (english subbed)

The 9th generation members had their first TV appearance (and Aichan tagged along) March 26th on a TV show called On Ryu.

It was just a talk so no performance, but it was still pretty interesting. Especially when they had the 9th gen members do something special for the camera.

For example, Kanon did this glorious thing

...transforming into a butterfly? This girl is already hilarious.

From the time she did that moshi moshi thing I knew girl had personality and she is quickly becoming known for it. Kanon is exactly what this group needs and has been lacking for a while.

Maji Desu ka Ska releases on the 6th, so now is a good a time as ever to buy this single and help the new Morning Musume get off to a great start!


  1. I love Kanon....that's all I have to say.

  2. *evil monkey finger* You did the same thing I did right after I saw this and the Melodix video, make GIFs of Zukki's talent. ^_^

    At first I figured she'd be a Makoto-like character but after seeing this I think she might be even better. Epic Zukki?

    Yashi's my favorite Kyukki but who know, Zukki may just steal the spotlight.

    Oh for the love of actor's school, Yashi needs to relearn how to be naturally embarrassed. The hand-to-cheek thing is just a bit too cartoon.

  3. Very embrassing . . . but good to see she has courage.

  4. yes, Zukki is epic indeed <3