Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mobekimasu ranking

Stolen from ShimaShima Combo who stole it from CIA who stole it from some wota.

To play along, just visit the Mobekimasu Sort website and you'll see two member's pictures. Click on the member you like better. Repeat dozens of times. Cry when faced with impossible decisions. Report your results.

My ranking looks like this:

1. Captain
2. Airi
3. Miya
4. Sayu
5. Chisato
6. Momoko
7. Chinami
8. Mai
9. Suzuki Kanon
10. Yurina
11. Aichan
12. Maimi
13. Risa
14. Risako
15. Nakky
16. Yuuka
17. Mizuki
18. Fukuda Kanon
19. Aika
20. Ogawa Saki
21. Reina
22. Manoeri
23. Maasa
24. Riho
25. DAWA
26. Ikuta Erina

No real surprises here. Yurina may be a bit high and Maasa a bit low, but I'm not complaining. It's overall pretty darn accurate.


  1. poor senpai....seems like you chose Captain :P anyway, Nakky's neutral for you~~ lol
    and I've always wondered why people type Dawa's name in all capital letter O.o
    anyway, I see you still fanboy about Eripon even though she's low ;P

  2. Oh my goodness, that was horrible. So hard. I think I changed my mind a couple of times so I wouldn't say it was really accurate. Just as long as Momo remains on top I'm happy.

    My Ranking:

  3. Ah! you did it too ^^

    what kind of Airi´s fan are you? xDD joke joke

  4. Would you be able to translate mine ;_;
    I'm not far enough into learning jap to do so.
    I know the first one is Miya, btw <3
    1位   夏焼 雅  
    2位   和田 彩花 
    3位   福田 花音 
    4位   高橋 愛  
    5位   光井 愛佳 
    6位   道重さゆみ 
    7位   新垣 里沙 
    8位   前田 憂佳 
    9位   熊井友理奈 
    10位   中島 早貴 
    11位   譜久村 聖 
    12位   田中れいな 
    13位   徳永千奈美 
    14位   真野恵里菜 
    15位   鞘師 里保 
    16位   菅谷梨沙子 
    17位   嗣永 桃子 
    18位   清水 佐紀 
    19位   須藤 茉麻 
    20位   生田衣梨奈 
    21位   岡井 千聖 
    22位   小川 紗季 
    23位   鈴木 香音 
    24位   鈴木 愛理 
    25位   矢島 舞美 
    26位   萩原 舞

  5. Wait wait, I re took it, so let me figure out how it worked this time.
    And I just realized that I could look at yours to get the translations *stupid*

    So I got.
    1 Miya
    2 Nakky
    3 DAWA
    4 Fukuda Kanon
    5 Aichan
    6 Aika
    7 Mizuki
    8 Sayu
    udejhs I can'y get the rest, that's good enough xD

  6. lol, here's the romaji for the first one if you still want it.

    1. Miya
    2. DAWA
    3. Fukuda Kanon
    4. Aichan
    5. Aika
    6. Sayu
    7. Risa
    8. Maeda Yuuka
    9. Yurina
    10. Nakky
    11. Mizuki
    12. Reina
    13. Chinami
    14. Manoeri
    15. Riho
    16. Risako
    17. Momo
    18. Captain
    19. Maasa
    20. Ikuta Erina
    21. Chisa
    22. Ogawa Saki
    23. Suzuki Kanon
    24. Airi
    25. Maimi
    26. Mai

  7. Lol, thanks.
    Yeah that was the problem, I screwed up some of it because the pictures wouldn't load. The second makes much more sense, because I know my usual top 5 xD
    And there's absolutely no way Nakky wouldn't be second.
    I did have a decision where I cried though xD
    DAWA or Fukuda.

  8. awesome, another Nakky fangirl. Melisa up will be so proud

  9. Yep, Nakky's really pretty and I like her voice a lot. I hate that she hardly gets any lines :/

  10. I've also been wondering.
    With Yuu joining the lineup, what is it called now?

  11. oh yeah, I'm happy <33333333 ;)

  12. @lacieleia: Funny, I literally was thinking about the same thing earlier today. I was going to say Mobekimasuyu but yours totally sounds better lol.

    @Melisa: I knew it

  13. That sounds cute too. But I was thinking that because they took the 'ma' from Mano, so I figured they'd take the 'Ki' from Kikkawa. btw, you can just call me Leia^^

    And yaaay more Nakky fans.

  14. @Kevin: since when do you like Mano best? What happened to Momo?

    @Leia: Hajimemashite! I'm Chris~