Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maji Desu ka Ska! debuts at #5 + how you can help for free!

9th Gen's first single as Morning Musume members opened the week at the #5 spot with SDN48 and KARA dominating, as expected. Estimated sales are 17,000 for today, which is excellent.

But anyway, onto how you can help Morning Musume sell even more.

Of course, buying the single is the number one way to support them, but you can still do something else. As of right now, Morning Musume has or will appear on the following shows: ON RYU, Melodix, PON!, Happy Music, and Music Japan.

That is excellent promotion because those are some pretty good TV shows to be on. But, there is one major show missing - Music Station. MS is invitation/request only, so no one can just buy their way on the show. And that is where you come in. You can request Morning Musume to appear on Music Station with their online form.

To do so, go here:

and the form will look like this

The first box is for your nickname. You can put anything.

The second box is your gender. Left option is boy, right is girl.

Third box is Japanese prefecture/city. Since you (probably) don't live in Japan, just pick any.

Fourth is age. Pick the one closest to your age.

And the big box is where you request for Morning Musume to appear. You probably shouldn't type in English, so you can just copy and paste one of these (any one will do):





Morning Musume's Maji Desu ka Ska! please.

I want to see Morning Musume.

Since Morning Musume has new members, I want to see them on Music Station.

My Japanese is pretty horrible so I'm sure I screwed up at least the last sentence, but it should get the point across.

NOTE: Music Station's website doesn't allow right clicking, so to paste just press ctrl + v on your keyboard and it will accomplish the same thing.

After you fill out the form, click the button at the bottom and your request is now submitted!

Just in case anyone wonders what a Music Station appearance would do - the last time Morning Musume was invited was for Nanchatte Renai, which sold over 70,000 copies.


  1. Everytime I try to copy/paste the Japanese sentence into the comment box, I get( what I'm assuming is) an error .

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention Music Station's website doesn't allow right-clicking.

    To paste, just click on the box and press ctrl + v and it will work.

  3. haha kevin doesn't know how to paste it using the keyboard XD

  4. ....I already knew that. I did it right after I commented you. XD