Sunday, April 17, 2011

Aichan's new hairstyle

is radically different from anything she's had before.

Looks pretty hawt.

via her blog.



  2. I like it, it's a lot better then her early tour hair with pink ends. *gag* But it's a BIG change. It doesn't make her look younger, which with the new songs she kinda needs right now. She does not need to look like these girls' babysitter. And it reminds me of Mari's constant cry for attention through her hair. Hmm... Might need a different picture (farther from camera) to really understand this pixie look. - - - Oh dear lord, yicky. I just had a vision of her in her Maji Desu ka SKA! outfit with this hair. This hair will definitely make her ass look twice the size it did in the PV, and it was huge in the PV, and it'll make her head look really-really small. No, no to cartoon!Ai. *deep breath* She's almost graduated, this will not be the hair that she'll leave with. It can't be.

    I like Gaki's new hair. Hopefully she'll take it further than Olive Black (just looks like dark brown in the light) and dye it fully black.

  3. ^ here's a zoomed out shot:

  4. I had Aichans face on when I saw this photo too

  5. Oh noes! That's bad. She sticks out like a sore thumb. I was really hoping that with the 9th gen, Sayumi, and Gaki's black(-ish) hair that they as a group would try so go dark haired again.

    *sad* I get that she did it for the new single (she blogged it before she posted the picture) so hopefully it'll make sense when the PV comes out.

  6. Beautiful! maybe it´s her new hairstyle when she becomes solo artist (i hope she becomes xD)

  7. WOAH.

    This is going to take some time to get used to.
    I loved her old her :c

  8. why are people freaking out about hair

    i personally think she looks 110% better