Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Maji Desu ka Ska! Limited DVDs

There are four limited DVDs this time around. On the limited A is the Close Up Ver. Type 1 PV and a Fukumaru Mizuki interview, on the limited B is the Dance Shot Ver. Type 1 PV and a Ikuta Erina Inteview, on the limited C is the Close Up Ver. Type 2 PV and a Sayashi Riho interview, and finally on the limited D is the Dance Shot Ver. Type 2 PV and a Suzuki Kanon interview.

Maji Desu ka Ska! Close Up Version Type 1 PV

Maji Desu ka Ska! Close Up Version Type 2 PV

Maji Desu ka Ska! Dance Shot Version Type 1 PV

Maji Desu ka Ska! Dance Shot Version Type 2 PV

Fukumura Mizuki interview

Ikuta Erina interview

Sayashi Riho interview

Suzuki Kanon interview

If you want to own these DVDs for your collection, you should buy it!


  1. Thanks for the links. I was snagging these from MC when they decided it was a prefect time for maintenence. They really need to schedule their downtime, especially when they decided that it must take days.

  2. Off topic but I have to ask. Is it just me or is Mano Erina starting to look a lot like Sayumi? I was watching Bijo Gaku 52 last night and I couldn't shake off how much she looked like a heavily make-up'd Sayumi.

    Thankfully Sayumi is wearing a lot less make-up these days, so she doesn't really look like this too often anymore, except for interviews/TV shows/PVs. It's gotta be the introduction of the new gen that has allowed her to let more of her natural beauty show. She's definitely the one senpai that fits in really well with the 9th gen. Maybe that's the the pedobear in her, though. ^_^

  3. ^ some wota agrees

  4. Thank youuuu

    I couldn't find the PVs without the friggin interviews attached.

    Speaking of Mano, it may just be me, but go look at the MV for Magic Girl of the K-Pop group Orange Caramel. The guy in the MV looks like a male Mano.

  5. Woah, I never noticed the side-view similarities. That's amazing.

    A collage of stills:

    Hm, I guess they're not too alike after all. Mano is more chipmunk/rabbit like. She's getting very chubby-cheeked. It's sorta like the Aibon/Kanon similarities. They are only there when you look for them.

  6. lacieleia:

    He sort of does. Though he looks a little more like JunJun to me.

  7. @Hidder: I can see that. But I honestly think he looks so much like Mano I was in awe.

    ah, it's too long, @Chris, Isn't it though? xD

    On another note, I keep forgetting to mention, Sayu sounds great in this single. She's improved a lot.

  8. Also, after watching the close-ups, I'm convinced that they will definitely be pushing Riho into the spotlight for this gen. Close-Up shot ends with Ai, then her. Close-Up shot 2 ends with her, then Ai. Hmmmm.

    If anyone's noticed, close-up shots always tend to end with the person that UFA decides to whore out. (ie: Airi are Risako usually the last in the close-up shots, too)

  9. lacieleia: Oh, I'm sure they will. Her and Zukki; I think they'll be the new epic Momusu friendship. Riho definitely got the better number with the senpais, she is doing a Moonlight Night dance number with Ai and Risa.

    Yes, Sayu is sounding pretty good on the track. Sadly, you can't really say the same thing about the tour. From a concert goer's POV she sounds pretty good, then you listen to a mic hack and realize they're using a recording over her voice.

    [04/03 Day] First concert of the tour @ Saitama:

    [04/03 Day] If you want to feel at one with the Wota, there's this version:

    [04/10] Latest concert @ Takamatsu (Kagawa):

    [04/03 Day] Mic Hacks - Maji Desu ka SKA & Fantasy ga Hajimaru (All Members Individually [RAR]):

    Sayumi gets out of breath really quick so I understand why they swapped audio. The dance for Fantasy must be pretty active here too. But where she's not out of breath she sounds really good.

    Neat Fact: Cuca (itty-bitty YouTube star, went to the Takamatsu concert. I can't wait for her to try out for Morning Musume. She better not settle for being an Egg though. They wouldn't have to spend a lot of time teaching this girl the old dances, she has enough drive to get on the internet and learn them herself. She does a mean "Maji Desu ka SKA!". You can see her rearing up for the concert on her mom's YouTube channel:

  10. There's just something about that screenshot of Zukki that screams out EVIL! XD

  11. @Hidders

    Her voice has improved soooo much. And her dancing is becoming so beast. She NEEDS to be 10th Gen. It would make my life complete.

    As for the downloads, I will look at those tomorrow. I have Midterms to rest up for :/

  12. I thought my reply went through earlier but I guess not. Might just be my browser though.

    lacieleia: My thought exactly. I've been watching her since 2008 (not in a creepy pedo way) when she was just a small fry who did half-assed moves. Now look at her, she puts all fans to shame. I can't wait for her to be of audition age. I'm going to have to make copies of her videos before she hits it big and has to close her channel. And then sell them... ^_^ Just kidding, I'd pimp them out to H!O.

    So I listened to Riho's mic rip again and am starting to think that she sounds a bit like Kitahara Sayaka. I'm very happy about this.