Friday, April 8, 2011

H!P Charity Event live right now!

Sorry for the lack of prior warning, but I just recently found out that it is streaming live on USTREAM right now.

This is the charity event that I mentioned in the last post.


  1. Concert by UFA + H!P to raise money for the Earthquake that happened in Japan

  2. Erm, I wouldn't actually call it a concert. It's one song and 30 minutes of people I don't recognize talking. No Berryz or Musume since they're on tour right now.

    I had really hoped that that would have turned Tsunku's mic down after the first half of the song; I hear him enough on Berryz & C-ute's songs. One good thing, all of the H!P girls looked really good for standing in the rain in a sweatshirt/raincoat. The guy in the front with the fuzzy scarf was amusing; I sense much genki in him. Wota love everywhere, that was nice to see. And did you spot the pedobear hat? It had bows on it's ears. When the head turned around I had to crack up. Too funny.

  3. ^
    he didn't even say it was a concert O.o