Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mai + Airi USTREAM April 17, 2011 show

Hours ago, Maichan finished a USTREAM show and Airi made an appearance.

We get to see Mai in her seifuku

and then Airi appears.

This was supposed to be Maichan's show, but Airi totally steals the show with her quirkiness <3

But, Maichan combats with cute outfits.

And then Nakky randomly comes in.

The Maichan fashion show continues.


  1. lol xD

    I approve of that Airi GIF, she was entertaining the viewers XD

  2. If you had told me that one of the C-uties would be doing an impromptu fashion show I'd have only thought that it'd have to be Nakky. I'm shocked, but pleased. Girly!Mai isn't something I see to often, not since she was an itty-bitty one. Cute-cutie Mai, this video made me smile. Her S/mileage skirt is too short, it worries me. Mai looked gorgeous in "Kiss Me Aishiteru", she has got to wear her hair like that more often. May she never cut her hair short again. - She almost as tall as Airi now!

    Good job Airi! I've watched quite a few H!P videos where they get followed around by a cameraman (or crew) and very-very rarely do the men react to the girls in any way. Sometimes the girls are so funny that milk is coming out of my nose but still the men remain stoically silent. Airi broke them... With REALLY silly jokes. A damn good job.

  3. Can someone explain what airi is describing with her hand movements in the GIF image??

  4. @s:

    She's drumming. And she's not saying anything, just moving her mouth.