Monday, April 11, 2011

Ganbarou Nippon! ~From Yokohama With Love~

So UFA had a charity event the other day and it was live on USTREAM. Pretty much every UFA artist you could ever think of was in attendance (except for Morning Musume and Berryz, which I'm guessing had concerts or other events to attend to) to sing UFA's cheer song, Ai wa Katsu.

But most of you already knew that, so that's not what this post is about. Actually this post is about one of my Youtube subscriptions, 33Sammi32. You see, she is an American wota living in Japan who has excellent Japanese language skills (which you can see in any of her Japanese vlogs).

And you know what? She was actually at that above mentioned event.

In the video you can see some of the charity event from the audience's perspective and maybe make out your favorite H!P member among the crowd of UFA celebs!

I didn't think much of it before, but actually now I'm really jealous. A handshake event with like nearly every H!P member ever? Plus Tsunku? DO WANT.

Also, if I didn't know any better, I could've sworn that Mikitty said that she saw 33Sammi32's Youtube videos before (@ about 7:08 in the video). So awesome.

The song you heard in the video is now available for download on the iTunes store for 99 cents. To buy, click that link, and then click on the "view in iTunes" button and iTunes will open where you can buy it. All proceeds to go the Japanese Red Cross.


  1. .....I wanna shake Tsunku's hand. And the rest of the H!P girls too. T^T

  2. You know for the life of me I just can't picture her face . . .