Thursday, April 14, 2011

Morning Musume's 1st live USTREAM show

Every week Morning Musume will hold a live USTREAM show. This week featured the 9th Gen as well as Risa. I'm not sure if it'll be the same members each week, though.

This broadcast is mainly talking/Q&A stuff, but there was a random guest appearance also. If you remember the live Ameba appearances that Morning Musume used to do, then you pretty much know exactly what this is about.

Kanon provides the jokes, Erina is KY-ing (Kuuki ga Yomenai, or being unable to read your surroundings), Riho and Mizuki has giggle fits, and Risa is there to corral the kiddies. Even if you know next to nothing about Japanese, if you are a 9th Gen fan, then you should watch. Kanon being silly is worth the watch alone.

I spy someone awesome
Yes, its you Kanon
Usachan peace!


There never is a dull moment when Suzuki Kanon is in the room.

This show airs Wednesdays from 7 - 8 AM (United States EST) on their USTREAM channel. Their next broadcast is April the 20th so watch if you can!


    nothing to say about those 2 <3

  2. This is actually the first video where Riho seems to show some sass...I thought they way she imitated Erina was pretty funny.

  3. Thanks so much for the date and time of the show. I'm in the Eastern timezone too so I'd have to convert it online otherwise. Though I do have the channel set up to send me an alert for the next show. Thank you!

    NEEDS TO BE SUBBED. This is way to epic to not get the sub treatment.

    Oh Zukki, epic as always. She needs to stop talking through her teeth though. I'm sure they'll go over that eventually.

    I think I'm starting to like Erina. (KY-ing? Gellin' like a felon in all the wrong places?) It's kind of appropriate that she takes over the KY legacy from Eri and JunJun. She's amusing to watch. Talks with her hands a lot. Awe, baby Eri. I think I enjoy English!Eripon the most. I find her voice to be a little annoying. Especially when she says "Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu" in the BG segments, but her English voice is shockingly normal. - I'm watching you, Eripon.

    Risa kept scolding Riho but I don't think Riho understood how rude she was being to Eripon. Naughty Riho. But it was funny, so keep doing it. Have you noticed that when one of the girls does something with their hands that Riho mimics it. It's like she's testing out their moves to see if it works for her. Obviously Eripon gives her lots to work with. She seems to be very conscientious and probably worried about how she comes off. A little too shy to be silly. But I think her time with Zukki is helping. We finally got to see Riho talk passionately. I can't wait to see what kind of Musume she will become. My favorite, Riho.

    Mizuki is still boring to me. She needs to be more open to being silly like the others.

    So much Risa leg. I love Risa's reaction to Dawa's entrance. And Dawa did what we all wanted to.

    Oh Sayumi, you're such a fangirl; I love that about you.

  4. ^ that post is full of truth

    though I love Erina's talking voice

  5. This post needs the "ustream musume" tag.

  6. Added. (I didn't make the ustreamusume tag until the second show, so thanks.)