Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Up-Front Girls have a chance to appear on Melodix

Melodix is a pretty hilarious variety show that H!P artists occasionally appear on.

They are running a poll to see which new Idol group is the most popular.

That's right, Up-Front Girls (UFZS + Sengoku Minami) are winning by almost 200 votes!

Unfortunately, you cannot help them out unless you have a Japanese cellphone, but it's nice to see the girls getting some support! I think that whoever wins will get invited to Melodix, which is a huge deal for any new, lesser known group. Even H!P's main acts rarely are invited to Melodix these days (Morning Musume's recent appearance was the first in 6 months), so an appearance would do wonders for their popularity.

Here is an introduction video of them.

Oh Konatsu <3


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