Friday, April 22, 2011

H!P's New TV Show: HelloPro! Time Episode 1 screenshots

There was some confusion on whether or not HelloPro! Time would be a new show or just a rebroadcast of Bijo Gaku, but the original news was correct - this is an entirely new show and I think Bijo Gaku is done airing for good.

As great as Bijo Gaku was, this new show seems to be even better.

The first new thing about HelloPro! Time is that each segment features one of the girls as the cameraman. Before the segment, we get some information about the camera-wielding member.

Manochan is first!
What could she be up to?

Recording the Ai wa Katsu charity single, that's what!
She then goes to bother her senpai

yay for OG
and they invite her to have a seat.

Manochan is looking quite beautiful in this video
Soon, Koharu joins them

Then we are shown actual footage from the event

I spy Manoeri and Kikka

and a pissed off Sakichy
I love how they blur the back of people's heads

Then the song starts, with all of the old people senpai up front.

A shot inside the recording studio reveals all of your favorites

Yay its Airi (and leader)!
Handshaking time!

Cameraman Chisato
The charity event footage is over with, so it's time to switch to another cameraman.

Yuukarin's turn
So cute~
Of course, this next segment will be about S/mileage.

Say hello to riida (UFA created this freeze-frame screenshot, not me)
Time to stretch

One of these is more flexible than the other. I wonder who...?
It's Kanon! (though she has nothing on Kikka's mutant legs)
Yuuka then asks for the girls to do self introductions.

Kanon introduces herself as Fukuda Cinderella Kanon
Manager! Sakichy says
Saki REALLY enjoys dancing with Chisato (i would too)
Dance de Bakoon! practice time
After practice is over, Kanon and Saki are as hyper as ever, but riida stays composed
Cameraman Maimi... here we go!
It's really dark.. where is Maimi kidnapping taking us to?
We get to go inside Maimi's house to see her dogs

There are plenty of Maimi close up shots in this segment so I know Maimi fans will enjoy
 But, that is only the beginning

I'm sure some people wanna be that dog right about now
The licking will have to wait for later because it's time to go back to S/mileage + C-ute's practice.

Lunch time
Kanyon likes
Kanon takes the camera so Yuuka can stuff her face for a bit
Now at the concert
Chisato appears out of nowhere
Then there is actual concert footage

Those S/mileage pants skirt things are so ugly
I'm really enjoying all of these close up shots of mole-chan
Yuuka sneaking up on people while they eat
Moar Maimi licking, YES
Sleepy dog is sleepy
The final four-legged member of the Yajima household
After some info on H!P's upcoming concerts, we get a preview of next week.

It seems more like an episode of the early version of Haromoni@ crossed with Bijo Gaku, using HelloPro! Time's let's-use-the-girls-as-cameramen technique. Cool.

Overall I thought it was a very, very solid first episode. It doesn't seem like anything will ever beat the old Hello! Morning episodes, but this is much, much better than watching the girls play card games on HM@.


  1. I enjoy reading this ^______________________^
    and C-ute's outfit reminds me of Seishun Bus Guide lol
    i indeed feel jealous of that doggy

  2. Yes! I was looking into registering on a Chinese site to get this and that would have been bad; I would have only had Google to rely on to understand anything on the site. You saved me my sanity.

    I think I'm going to heart this show so hard. If it's got either practice or concert footage, I'm bought.

  3. I think I'm actually gonna watch this. Miami licking, members close up shot/interactions, awesome behind the scene stuff and Yuuka's(Kago 2.0) flexibity?

    ...Yea I'm definitely watching this.

  4. Lol silly chris with his s/milage screen caps

  5. Loved it!

    I love how they show footage of the 9th gen singing Ai wa Katsu despite the fact that they weren't in the released PV.

    Kanon's amazing. I have much love for baby Aibon. She got the Cinderella thing from the other girls when they were doing a photoshoot, as you can see the name stuck. I had a cousin who used to do the thing that Yuu does with her legs but she'd do them with both legs at the same time, very gross. Ah, it was a dress rehearsal, not actual concert footage. Still good though. I'm excited for more C-ute & S/mileage goodness.

    Momoko with control of a camera, I can't wait for next week!