Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Okai Chisato 2010 C-ute Spring Concert Solo Angle

Same deal as yesterday, but with Chisato.

This is Chisato's solo angle of C-ute's 2010 Spring Shocking Live concert. Read my other post for more info about solo angles.

And the setlist:

Tomorrow is Maichan's turn. After that I will take a short break from encoding these solo angles because something more epic demands my encoding attention. I will get to Maimi and Saki's by the end of next week (hopefully sooner).


  1. I'm hoping this epic thing has to do with The dance shot and learning dance shot thing of Kiss Me Aishiteru?

    Or something even more epic?

    Either was I'm excited! And I have a lot to download once I return home. Hotel internet is way too slow.

  2. Nope, it's actually the Blu-Ray versions of Morning Musume's 2010 Fall concert (EriJunLin grad). I will have a 60fps and 30fps 720p bluray rip soon~



    If you ever manage to find/get your hands on the last Hello!Pro concert Blu-Ray, will you be encoding that? I hardly think my parents will let me buy it at that price, but I will try.

  4. 2011 Winter or 2010 Summer?

    If someone uploads the Winter blu-ray DVDs then I will.

    I owned the 2010 Summer blu-ray DVD but I sold it so I can't encode it. But, I did encode the bonus stuff that was on there (those performances weren't on the normal DVD). Check out an old post to download:

  5. I think it was Winter 2011, but I'll definitely download this too 8D

  6. 2011 Winter Blu-ray comes out in mid May so it'll be a while~

  7. where do you look for all this solo angle?? O.o

  8. I downloaded from here: