Sunday, April 10, 2011

Morning Musume April 10, 2011 Music Japan talk + performance

Sunday, Morning Musume were guests on Music Japan to promote Maji Desu ka Ska!

There was a segment involving dogs,

Yes, that is Morning Musume jump roping with a tiny dog. No, it doesn't get any more epic than this.

a reminder of Morning Musume's past performances,
those outfits were so horrible

 9th gen showcasing their talents,
Mizuki in the middle of being awesome

Anything you can do, Erina can do better.

and finally the performance.

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  1. Eripon doing the handpring is AMAZING!!!
    ...that's all

  2. I skipped the "dog circus". Found it insulting as if to say the group is so boring we invited them instead. No no that's ok we don't really want to talk to you. Reminded me of how Utaban treated them the same way shortly after Yossie became leader with other guests acts performing with MM just as an audience.

    If I were Tsunku-san that'd be thier last appearance on Music Japan for there are other shows.

  3. ^But any promotion is better than no promotion. I agree with you on the dog part but MM hasn't been in a lot of talk shows/variety shows so you get what you get I guess.

  4. I don't see anything wrong with having Morning Musume interact with other individuals. It's quite common for things like that to happen on Music Japan - almost every talk involves either another group or some sort of variety act. So it's not like Morning Musume is being singled out.

    Could they have gotten something different for Morning Musume interact with? Probably. But who cares, it was entertaining and that's the main point of a television show.

  5. Oh, that explains why there was only one concert yesterday.

    Heh, Aika was distracted by the dog.

    Hopefully they utilize all the 9th Gen's talents in the future. They already have Ai, Risa, and Riho doing a dance number together for the concerts which, by the sounds of the Wota, seems to be pretty good. Eripon is really coming out of her shell, becoming confident. She looks really flexible so I think she might be able to do more than she's shown us. And there should be a Zukki Comedy Corner in one of the MC slots; it'd be brilliant.

    Riho is always so slow on the last move. When will the senpais or dance instructor correct her?