Sunday, April 3, 2011

Two new shows featuring H!P

As of yesterday, the Hello! Project television show named Bijo Gaku is no more. It is being replaced with a show called HelloPro! Time (the 17th show listed).

Fans of Bijo Gaku, don't worry. It will literally be the exact same show as Bijo Gaku, just with a new name. The main difference (besides the name) is the new time slot. It now comes on every Saturday at 9:30 AM Japan time (that's Friday 8:30 PM for United States East Coast).

Now for something that is actually new.

It isn't purely a H!P show like HelloPro! Time is, but it will prominently feature C-ute. The show is called International After School and will air on NHK World - a TV station aimed at foreigners like you and me.

According to the official site, C-ute will be known as "Team After School" - whatever that means.

If you click on that link, you'll be able to answer a question that C-ute has proposed to their fans.

For girls:
Hey girls! Tell us about your latest fashion item!

For guys:
Hey guys! If you were to go on a date with us, where would you take us?
I must say, us guys got the better question lol.

I don't know exactly what this show will be about, but when I had NHK World, I watched a show on there called J-Melo which introduced foreigners to various Japanese artists and showed music videos by fan request. Morning Musume has even been guests on there a couple of times.

I would imagine/hope this show to be similar to that because I loved that show.


  1. OH OH OH OH can't wait for C-ute's <333333

  2. Oh hellz yea, especially since I have NHK world. I'm definitely tuning in.