Saturday, April 30, 2011

C-ute - Int'l After School Ep 1 720p HD

This is the same episode that I blogged about earlier, except it was encoded from a high quality 1920x1080i TV rip.

Visit the other post for many more screenshots and more information on what this is.

Download link:


  1. And yes Hidders, the scarf scene is in tact, yay.

  2. what a very good quality! X)

  3. LOL, thank you!

    Yeah Nakkyness! I hope this gets picked up for another episode, it was a great look into what the girls might be doing on their day off. And it now has me watching Chisato's ears during concert videos. (^_^)

    This copy is so shiny... I'm pretty jealous of RiP70R's internet connection.

  4. Don't forget that NHK World is actually a TV station, so this was recorded from a HDTV and not the online stream we saw live.

  5. ^ Then I'm even more jealous.

    But if I had access to Japanese channels on my TV my DVR would start looking like my hard drive. Not a pretty sight.

  6. lol, I know what you mean.

    I used to have a special Japanese channel called TVJapan that was like a digest of 4 different Japanese channels rolled into one. I had access to shows like Music Japan, Music Station, random dramas, etc. It was awesome while it lasted. But, it was pretty expensive for one channel ($30 a month) so we canceled it~

    If money isn't an issue, you probably can get it. Most of the major US cable/satellite providers (Dish Network, Comcast, Time Warner, Cox) carry it.