Thursday, April 28, 2011

C-ute live on NHK in 2 hours

If you remember, at the beginning of this month it was announced that C-ute would be hosts (or something) on the NHK World show International After School.

At 8:30 AM Japan time (that's 7:30 PM US Eastern), it will air and you can watch live online at NHK World's steam here:

Thanks to the H!O twitter and the C-ute staff twitter for the heads up.


  1. Thanks for passing on the head-ups!

  2. It will come on in 5 minutes everyone. Don't miss it!

  3. I missed the first minute or two, I was messing with my stream recorder and the webpage didn't want to load. *sigh* 1.5 mbps is not enough for these live streams. It kept lagging.

    Huh, so that's what it was about. I like the theme of the show. It's neat to see them outside of the H!P safety net. LOL, Chisa!love from around the world!

  4. That was AWESOME. I had it recorded, but the file didn't want to encode so hopefully some wota recorded it. Or else I'll cry.

    Seeing risu ( ) on there made even more awesome.

  5. ^ The Wota are many and very dedicated so I'm sure a few managed to snag a decent copy.

    On top of the laggy video it turned out that there wasn't any audio on my copy. I forgot to triple check my mic setting. Things to remember for next time.

    One copy is already up:

  6. Oh, just checked the NHK World schedule and the show will be on again at 11:30PM tonight and 3:30AM, 7:30AM, 11:30AM, and 3:30PM tomorrow. So plenty of chances for someone to get it right.

  7. Thanks for the links. I'll check out that rip on the tracker and see if the quality is good enough. If not, I'll try round two on recording the 11:30 re-air.