Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fun with Japanese news with Kikkawa Yuu

A couple of random local Japanese news stations did small segments on the soon-to-debut Kikkawa Yuu (March 30th for those of you who forgot).

The first one is from a show called Sukkiri, which I believe is sort of like Good Morning America, except in Japanese. It shows Kikka singing for a while, then Kikka shows off some Valentine's deco-choco she made (just like in the Valentine's Day videos I showed you yesterday), and finally a handshake event.

The next two videos are from the same TV show (called Pon!), but aired on different days, so they have similar content but there is new things present in both.

The highlight of both is Kikka's... flexibility. Watch and you'll see.

In the last video, the hosts get to eat some chocolate from Yuu. Lucky.

Kikka's debut single will release on March 30th in four different versions, each with a different B-side so you'll have to collect them all if you want the complete Yuu experience!


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