Monday, July 18, 2011

My first towel! (HSU GET)

I've always wanted a towel, but just didn't want to pay $40 + shipping (or more, if buying directly from Japan) for one. That's where HSU came into play. If you didn't already know, HelloStoreUSA has this sale going on until July 25th where some items are as much as 50% off!

They have a handful of towels on sale for 32% off (for $30), including (almost) all of the Berryz towels from their 2010 summer concert tour. The only one they didn't have? Captain's. Just my luck. So, I went with the second best thing - a Miya towel! I also bought a photoset while I was at it.

Above you'll see both of the things that I bought - Miya's towel still unopened and a Haggy Dance Special photoset.

Those outfits are too awesome, so for $7, I couldn't pass them up. Plus, my photo collection needed moar Haggy

Miya-sama in all her glory. The towel was slightly larger than expected, but that's good. One day it will make a great poster or something.

Close up shots of the top and bottom.

Now all I need is an Airi towel and a Captain towel.

Yay for HSU sales~


  1. Woah giant Miya towel is giant. And Miya is so prettyyyy~

  2. Ummm no offense, but what are you gonna do with it? I mean there isn't much...

  3. Did you even read the post? Maybe this sentence will help: "One day it will make a great poster or something."

    It's no more useless than a poster is

  4. I would gladly cover my walls with BERRYZ' towels ^_^

  5. @Kylon
    It could also be used as, idk, a towel?

  6. :3 if i would live in USA i would buy Hello! Store things but... I can't :( XD July 25th is my Birthday!! :D

  7. ^ You live in South America don't you? HelloStoreUSA ships there but it's expensive ($14-$33 US dollars for shipping)

    And happy early birthday!

  8. The towels aren't that big! It's about 16"x36" ...okay maybe it's kinda bit lol.

    Ryochan and I have the same bday!

  9. wow 50% off, that´s a great discount

    I love the towel but it has a fail! It´s not a C-ute´s member xDD joke

  10. I know what Trunks is doing with that towel ^^

  11., but any idea where I can find the kikkake wa you movie??

  12. ^ No, I haven't seen it yet.

    If you have any random questions, you can always email me (my emails is on the right sidebar over there).