Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hello! Project on J-MELO today in 6 hours

Later today (7:30 PM US East Coast, 8:30 AM Japan time. Go here to check what time it is for your country), Morning Musume, S/mileage, and Buono! will all make some sort of appearance on J-MELO for their idol special (idol specials are awesome aren't they?).

You can watch live here:

If you miss it, it replays a couple of times (check the schedule in the first link) and also I'll probably be recording it.


  1. Nice catch! I haven't been watching the schedule.

  2. NOOOOO!!!!! I missed it! *bangs head against keyboard*

  3. it is ok however the topic was what is japanese idol going in depeth what japanese idol is not really so so i enjoy it though

  4. I MISSED IT ;.; i really want to watch it since s/mileage is apart...