Friday, July 8, 2011

Buono! - Natsu Dakara PV download link

Uploaded to the official Buono! channel:

This PV makes me like the song a lot more. I don't mind PVs without dancing as much as most people. It's done pretty well, I think. Most of Buono!'s PVs are really great, especially for UFA PVs.

Download link (re-encoded from that Youtube video):

Screenshot picspam time


  1. what do doy use for encoding the videos??
    I use YouTube's download Webside "" or sometimes aTube Catcher ^^

  2. I have nothing against PVs without dance shots. I just like dance shots because I like dancing them xD

    But I do love this PV~

  3. yes . . .
    finally XDDDD
    I love this video . . .