Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Manoeri on ULALA@7 (6/29/11) download link

Mano Erina promoting her new single, My Days For You, on the TV show ULALA@7.

I think I have a crush on the host <3

Unless you like staring at pie charts,

this will probably be a bit boring to you without subs. But, you can always go with the Airiindeshou way of watching by staring at the cute host and Manoeri for five minutes, pretending you understand what's going on.

Download link (5 minutes, 69 MB):


  1. Ah... SHELLY lol

    She is consider like the Queen of variety shows because she is on them so much.

  2. lol senpai having a crush on the I approve of it? Airi will be angry :P

  3. Yes Shelly is cute and Manoeri isn't so bad either lol. Oh and Shelly has been on that show with the strange English that Sayu has done but in a different segment.