Saturday, July 2, 2011

Contest reminder

I extended my Ai no Dangan contest deadline by one day (it originally was going to end yesterday), so you have roughly 12 hours to enter if you haven't already!

Read more here.


  1. why did you extend the deadline? Well, just wondering

  2. @Ran-chan: That's my fault. I requested it because I was on a class trip the whole week and came back yesterday.

    I'm uploading the entry right now, it shouldn't take that long anymore!!

  3. Yeah, I want to give everyone a fair chance, so if someone asks for a little extra time then I'll usually agree as long as they have a good reason.

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  5. @MiracleHappyLove: That's okay everyone should get a fair chance and best of luck to you


  6. @Chris: I sent the entry to you now! x3 You're very fair~ Thank you so much!

    @♥May-Lyn's Hot Spot♥: Thank you ^-^ best of luck to you too!