Thursday, July 7, 2011

S/mileage auditions round 2 streaming live in 24 hours

On Niconico at 1 PM Japan time on Saturday July 9th here:

That's 12 AM Saturday July 9th (in a little over 24 hours from now) for the US East Coast. I'll probably be recording this (80% chance).

If you don't have a Niconico account, read my instructions on this post.


  1. YAY! I'm excited for this. I can't wait to see what kind of girls Tsunku thought was missing from the current S/mileage. I hope you do get to record it, it's a rare event.

  2. The Berryz concert is on H!O:
    900MB / 640x360

    I didn't know about the Time Warp, I'll try it next time. Thanks!

  3. 8 Eggs made it to round 2. Including: Mogi (sucked but she didn't cry this time), Karin (was awesome), Takeuchi Akari (was wesome too), Sayuki (was good), Wakana (looked like Dawa). My faves were: 13, 801, 3002 (Karin), 3006 (Akari), and 1142. 13 had amazing shoes that I wanted to steal. I think they really do have the next S/mileage member or two in this group. Really pulling for 13 and Karin.

  4. Some videos I uploaded:

    Eggs (3000s) Auditions:
    3001 - Mogi Minami (from 9th Gen Momusu auditions)
    3002 - Miyamoto Karin
    3003 - Katsuta Rina
    3004 - Otsuka Aina (from 9th Gen Momusu auditions)
    3005 - Takeuchi Akari
    3006 - Kaneko Rie
    3007 - Takagi Sayuki
    3008 - Nagazawa Wakana

    Tamura Meimi (13) and Ribbon-chan (801)'s Audition:
    The fan favorites.

  5. ^ Cool, thanks for the links. I was watching and recording last night but fell asleep when they had the long break after the second group (which is probably why my recording screwed up). Sad to see I missed the Eggs.

    I'm re-watching it and recording it now. About an hour and a half to go~