Monday, July 25, 2011

S/mileage's 3rd round of auditions live on Niconico 7/27

They will once again be broadcasting the S/mileage auditions live on Niconico - this time the third round.

It will happen July 27th, 2 PM Japan time. That's July 27th, 1 AM for the US East coast. To see what time it is where you live, visit this site and put in July 27, 14:00, click submit and then select your country.

Like last time, there is a good chance I'll be recording it, so stay tuned~

PS, in case you still don't have a Niconico account (you kinda need one to watch videos there), read my guide on how to set up an account here.


  1. Yay, I'm so excited! Go #13!

    As much as I don't like the idea of new members I do appreciate the fact that they are allowing us fans to watch the auditions and get to know the candidates. This is the best thing they could have done to sooth the disgruntled fans. By the end of it we will all probably fall for at least one of the girls they pick.

    1-6 new members... I'd really like to see them pick 5 or 6, big S/mileage sounds amazing.

  2. 5 or 6? Huge S/mileage ftw

    I really hope it's not that many. If they add 5-6 members, then S/mileage immediately looses its identity because the new girls will outnumber their senpai. As a result, I'm afraid the whole group would go in a completely different direction than where they are now (please keep the Uchouten Love awesomeness). Not to mention they'd be the largest H!P group, lol.

    I want two - no more, no less (except zero but that's not an option). If only one is added, that poor girl will be lonely. Two is large enough for the girls to make their mark in S/milege and H!P, without completely remodeling what S/mileage stands for.

    Either way, I hope they like short skirts

  3. here in Colombia it is at 12:00 Midnight ^^

  4. That's midnight my time. I hope I'll remember to watch it... every time I try to watch something late at night I forget it.

  5. @ jedimastertrunks: Well, Tsunku said there'd be 6 at the most and definitely at least 1. I really like the idea of a S/mileage army now that the HP group numbers seem to stay under 10 members. True the senpai would get outnumbered but that's bound to happen sooner or later when they start graduating and have more auditions.

    As for how S/mileage sounds, they are always changing it up. So it makes no difference if there's new girls or not, S/mileage won't have two identical sounding singles out, one after the other. And one thing people like about S/mileage is the line distribution so no matter what amount of girls get added we should still hear equal vocal-time from them all. No favoritism. Well, minimal favoritism.

  6. We don't need another 9-10 member group. s/mileage was a good size because they filled the 4 person niche, but with adding people it's gonna take away their uniqueness :\

  7. I hit the time-shift! I'm all set up in case I forget. I should be sleeping right now but I'm too excited.

  8. yeah i hear 6 nin that is what tsunku mean however going to miss 4 then 6 alot i dont know if i shoukd watch it it sad me sometime

  9. I am in agreement with Vanilla.

    We needed a small group from H!P to stay small.

  10. i agree that two would probably be best...i dunno huge s/mileage just doesnt seem right

  11. Man I missed it! D;
    I totally forgot about it, which is SO unlike me! >:
    I hope that it got recorded. ><;;

  12. I recorded it. I will be finish making a post about it soon.