Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ai no Dangan contest winners!

The (extended) deadline has now passed and I've made my decision. And it was far from easy;  I must say this was the best batch of entries that I've ever gotten. I'm glad I have a second place prize, but even that's not enough because at least 3 of the others who didn't win this contest could have won my other contests. It was really close!

So, to separate the winners from everyone else, I took everything into consideration that ultimately went into making their entries. Despite it being her first ever dance cover, I could sense the passion that went into her dancing. She told me that she danced with all of the energy that she had and that's what put it over the top. The other deciding factor was her email to me. In it, she mentioned not being able to buy H!P goods over the internet, which once again reminded me why I started these contests in the first place. That's why the winner of the Ai no Dangan CD goes to MiracleHappyLove!

But that's not all. Second place was equally difficult to choose a winner for. I literally did not have my mind made up until a few minutes after the deadline passed. Usually I have this announcement post already written and ready to be published hours beforehand (unless someone sends in a last minute entry before the deadline, of course). I had to look at all of the entries again to make my final decision. In the end, I decided on Vanilla's fandub for second place. Like the original song, her cover got better as it went on and I thought it was really great.

So, congrats to MiracleHappyLove on winning 1st place and Vanilla winning 2nd place!! Both of you, please email me at with your mailing address and I'll send out your prizes on Tuesday.

Also thank you everyone who entered! You guys made my job really, really difficult (which is good)! Especially JuulChii - you came really, really close to winning again. I also loved your entry, ryochan. You always have good entries! And May-Lyn, I thought your piano cover was really cool. Ah~~ so many great entries~


  1. Yaaay! Thank you, I really worked hard (pulled an all-day record and mixathon lol)

    Emailing you now~

  2. too bad for me.. better luck next time.. Looking forward for the next contest..

  3. I should add, congrats to MiracleHappyLove. I wish I could see the cover XD~ And I totally know how much it sucks to not be able to buy things online~

  4. haha poor senpai for making a hard decision xD
    but congrats to the winners!! :D

  5. WAHHH thank you very much >u< *jumps around* I never thought I would win o.o" My first H!P good!!
    And I'm sure the others can make it next time, I wish you luck!

    @Vanilla: I would like to see the other entries too! I don't know if I should show you the dance cover, the dance is a little embrassing xD

  6. Congrats to the winners!
    A fandub and a dance cover?!
    I wanna see/hear!

  7. mmmmm.... I am sac because I didn't win :(
    but... I am happy for the winners!! :D

  8. All of the entries except for Vanilla's were sent privately to me via email, so I won't post them. But, if they want to post them here then they are certainly welcome to do so.

  9. Yeah, I have no problem with it:

    I hope to see everyone else's maybe!? 8D

  10. @Vanilla
    Very nice fandub~
    You have a voice like Maasa's!

  11. Thank you, that's a great compliment ^^