Thursday, July 21, 2011

Airi's Ayaya impression

I'm currently watching C-ute + S/mileage's concert DVD (I'm done encoding too. It will be uploaded tomorrow when I'm at school) when I came across this gem. During one of the MCs, the girls were asked to do a couple of impersonations. Airi's was Ayaya's:

Oh Airi <3

And then, somehow, Paris Hilton became a part of this conversation:

That MC is full of so much win


  1. I mentally went "Eeeeh?" when they mentioned Paris Hilton (Is she still relevant?) But Maimi's impression of her was not what I was expecting.

  2. LOL! WTF Maimi!? That doesn't make any sense but it's hilarious!

    Oh, GiveAwayOfTheDay's freebie today/yesterday was HyperCam 3. I was very excited to get it so I could try out a paid version ($42). The giveaway for it ends in 2 hours...

  3. excuse me Paris Hilton is always relevant she's my homie..maimi <33

  4. Do I smell subs? lol

  5. Well riida needs the timing and the separate MCs
    *points at someone...^^*

  6. maimi is so da** cute XD XD
    heart attack in a sudden arrrggghh XD XD XD