Monday, May 2, 2011

HelloPro! Time Episode 2 (4/28/11) screenshots

Episode two of H!P's brand new television show aired on its normal slot last Thursday. If you missed episode one, you can click here to read more about this new show.

This week's cameramen are Morning Musume's Niigaki Risa,

S/mileage's Fukuda Kanon,

and Berryz Koubou's Tsugunaga Momoko.

This episode starts off in some cafeteria. Gakisan runs up to 9th gen for a chat.

After a short self introduction by 9th gen,

Gakisan decides to play a game with them.

Risa will say some the lyrics of a Morning Musume song and it's up to one of the 9th gen members to identify that song's title and sing a little of it.

I won't spoil the results, so I'll instead talk about the 9th gen's singing.

I thought that Mizuki sang the best here, but that's to be expected; she is the most experienced after all. I would rank Riho next. Once again, no surprise to me. I think she has the most potential. Third and fourth goes to Kanon and Erina. Both sounded okay. But of course, there's plenty of time to improve. And to be fair, a 20 second acappella sample is hardly the best way to compare them.

either Kanon really wants to answer or she's charging up her special attack

After that is over, we switch to S/mileage.

They are going to Osaka for an event and are discussing tasty foods (since Osaka is known for it's awesome food), I think.

Meanwhile, Sakicky is having fun with hangers.

On that note, we move onto S/mileage's Osaka event.

Oh noes, Kanyon is captured by a hanger

After the event, we get to see S/mileage's dinner date at some okinomiyaki restaurant.

Okinomiyaki is like a Japanese omelet pancake pizza.

It's name literally translates to "grilled stuff you like", so you are able to customize it however you see fit.
For example, here is one with cheese that S/mileage ordered.

 Omigosh food, yay!

Everyone, including Kanon, seems to enjoy it.

Also, this is pretty random, but Sakichy has the best laugh ever

Finally we are sent over to cameraman Momoko. We follow her trip taking video and pictures for her MomoPuro corner in UpToBoy magazine.

Momo and her awesome momo hat.

On the car ride, Momo whips out a kanji dictionary (or whatever it is. it makes me cry seeing that much kanji on a single page).

She looks for the the kanji 嗣 (tsu, from her last name Tsugunaga).

Found it! Remind me to never play Japanese word search
While they are filming, some random lady shouts

After the shoot is over, Momo tells us that she was excited that someone said she looks like a model.

Later when Momo and staff are walking through the park, a food vender gives her a free sample.

The shooting finishes,

and we are taken back to Gakisan and 9th gen to wrap things up.

Hidders said something in the comments of another post that I totally agree with. Mizuki is like the big sister among the 9th generation members. That's the exact reason why I wanted an Egg to join so badly. I thought that an Egg's experience could only help ease the transition from normal girl to Idol sensation that the other three members (and to an extent, Mizuki herself) are going through.

And lastly we get a preview of next week's episode - Berryz in Seattle!

Oh Kyapu, why so pretty? <3


  1. The only fail of this episode was: "not enough C-ute" xD (no C-ute).

    But i enjoyed Risa´s time ^^

  2. Great episode, yeah?

    Watching the Kyukkies play that game really makes me wish that they still did Hello! Morning. I really miss the karaoke battles. - I love how Zukki is powering up and Riho totally ignores it as if to say "I'm already use to it."

    Agreed, Sakitty has a great laugh. As does Kanon and Momochi. That cute "huu-huu" and "ha-ha" from Momo makes me smile. Idol laughs are great mood boosters.

    Awe, Mizuki and Riho. I seriously thought that Mizuki was going shake that baby unconscious. So happy to see her act like one of the girls, finally.

    Guh, Captain just keeps getting more gorgeous. But it's long overdue after how childlike she's looked for years despite being the eldest. I'm so anxious for this week's episode. If we're lucky they'll have a small clip of the epic March/Riot.

    NEWS: Morning Musume was on J-MELO today/yesterday. You can still catch the episode if interested. (Last airings of today: 11:30AM & 3:30PM EST.) It was more like a "Hey, we'll be performing next week!" kind of appearance though so no biggie if skipped. Next week is the performance.

  3. Thanks for the recap I always enjoy the pic spams~

  4. Dawa's teeth sometimes freaks me out Dx don't ask me why :P

    but yes, Mizuki was so sweet on helping Kanon with the lyrics <333

  5. @CIA: yes, moar Airi is needed

    @Hidders: Excellent episode!

    Next week's J-MELO sounds epic. I'll definitely be watching!

    @Vanilla: These types of posts take the most time to create, so I'm glad you like them!

    @Melisa: because they are horribly crooked