Friday, May 6, 2011

C-ute - Momoiro Sparkling Full PV

was uploaded to the official C-ute channel today.

No matter how cheap this PV may be, it made me like the song a little more, which is a win in itself.

The close-ups of this PV are the best part.


Oh hey look, Maichan gets to be in the center of the dance

..for 20 seconds.

Back to more awesome close-ups. Chisa wink, win!

Oh look, Nakky did it too. Is Airi going to... ?


No more comments for a while, Airi's wink killed me

During an instrumental part, they edited a couple of the shots of the girls doing random poses mid-air.

 I lol'd so hard during that part. I'm not sure where mid-air spazzing fits in with this PV.

Chisato's hey-look-at-me-I'm-having-fun face is awesome.

5 shot!

The close-up version is going to be great.

I think Nakky wants a kiss

I had been thinking this throughout the PV, but it really was obvious here. This PV really needed to be at a beach. It would have been so much better.

And finally, Airi shows her catching skillz

If you want to help Momoiro Sparkling sell well, you can always buy it!


  1. The PV was just what I needed to like the song.

    -- I was going to post a comment about two or three hours ago about this but I ended up getting distracted.

  2. omg i was gonna do this too q_q

    ive only seen the 20 sec pv preview and i already had a dream about it >_>

  3. Yeah the pv is kinda cheaap, i wish it was like on a beach or something (outside), it was endearing at some parts, but other than that it's not really my fav pv. I love the line distribution and song itself though.

  4. awesome PV is awesome
    too many people did screenshots, I'll be making GIFs instead then <3

  5. Awesome xD winks and jumps are the best part imo xD

    I like the thumbnail which they chose for the video xD

  6. I'm liking this song a lot. Nakky actually got decent parts 8D