Saturday, May 7, 2011

C-ute concert streaming live on USTREAM in 10 hours

C-ute staff will be streaming live from C-ute's current concert tour on the Maichaneru USTREAM show.

It will start 10 hours from now, which is 2 AM US Eastern. I finally got a new recording program so we'll see how that goes.

Thanks to the H!O twitter and CIA for the news.


  1. Very much worth losing a few hours of sleep over.

    What program are you going to be using?

    I'm send you lucky vibes so that you can get a clean recording. I know that my slow connection will cause the video to lag and I'll probably get pounded by Ustream ads. So good luck ~ good luck ~ good luck! (I'm doing the Wota power-up move towards the south for you since I think you live in that direction, LOL.)

  2. Gonna try using Fraps ( ).

    lol thanks for the lucky vibes. You guessed correctly for the south~

    I tried a test recording and it came out fine (I know there isn't any audio):

    It's the first 5 seconds of this video:


  4. I hadn't heard of Fraps before. I have to go check it out.

    I'll be sporting CamStudio now that I figured out a setting that doesn't create audio problems on long videos. That's what happened to my J-MELO recording last week. Absolutely no problems with audio or video while recording but the recorded audio moves faster than the video. That's something you might want to check beforehand, Mai's archive videos don't seem to have any audio from what I've seen of them.

  5. @Melisa: YES

    @Hidders: Do note that Fraps's free version has limitations, which probably wouldn't let you record the whole thing, so Camstudio is probably your best bet.

    I do have Camstudio and it's what I use to record tutorials and stuff, but for longer videos (30 minutes or more) it always either glitches like you described, or simply does not combine the audio and video (and creates an unusable .avi file to boot).

  6. THAT was pure gold. Sexy!Mai nearly killed me. I wanted to kicked the cameraman a few times. Very much looking forward to the DVD.

    I hope your video turns out as well as it can be, the stream was low quality to start with. And to record that and try not to lose quality, damn near impossible. Here's a few more powers-ups. "L-U-C-K-Y Lucky jedimastertrunks!" Wow, that's a mouthful.

  7. That really was epic. I agree a DVD is NEEDED NOW.

    It recorded fine, I just need to re-encode it to a manageable filesize (right now it's 51 .avi files totaling 200 GB, thanks fraps). I'll finish when I awake in the morning~

  8. Here is the awesomeness that was Midnight Temptation (the dance was AWESOMELY INTENSE) plus like 15 seconds of Forever Love:

    Now I'm going to bed.

  9. O_O Mine was only 1.4GB and one AVI file.

    Pfft, tease. Yes, MT was a great way to start the concert. Just wish they didn't start streaming late.

    Here's "Momoiro Sparkling", I just wish the source wasn't so bad:

    Goodnight and C-ute dreams.

  10. haha, it's mostly because (I don't think) I can get fraps to record just the video and had to get it to record my whole screen, which is a very huge 1920x1200. So a 2 hour concert + 1080p + highest possible settings = huge files are huge

    I think after hearing them play the Momoiro mp3 30 times before the concert I almost like the song now

  11. ^ That is actually how I get myself to like any of the songs I don't like upon first hearing. I despised Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" but after a 7 hour torture session of it repeating it over and over I began to like it enough to now want to throw up in public.

    Why record your whole screen? Having it bigger wouldn't improve the stream quality at all as the quality super sucked. Well, I except you'll do your magic and make all that worth it.

  12. Fraps is a program mainly for capture video from fullscreen PC video games so there isn't any other option.