Monday, May 9, 2011

Morning Musume live on J-MELO (May 8, 2011) streaming

Morning Musume concluded their second appearance on J-MELO's music special a couple hours ago.

They performed Mr. Moonlight, Seishun Collection, Nanchatte Renai, and finished it off by singing I WISH with Kizuki Minami, Terakubo Erena, and May J (the other artists that performed previously on the special).

Hidders pretty much took the words out of my mouth keyboard by saying this was a rare and great chance to see Morning Musume 100% live (with a full band playing and everything). Even concert DVDs are edited to some extent, so this is your rare chance to see Morning Musume be vulnerable.

BTW, I recorded only Morning Musume's performances because May J's songs sucked. This episode comes on again like 5 more times so if you want to watch May J that badly, you can.



  1. Thanks for snagging this! Even when I'm not recording NHK seems to lag on me. Your connection kicks mine to the curb.

    Thank you!

    This was totally Gaki's performance from the first "Ai". It drive me nuts that "Mr. Moonlight" is an Ai/Reina lead. Gaki has a deep voice, prefect for the song. *sigh* At least Gaki will get the lines when Ai leaves but I'd much rather them play the men together.

    Kinda sad that Tsunku didn't make the girls push the Kyukkies to the front as if to say "Hey, look at the new, shiny toys we have now!". It funny that this was one of the very first shows they did for "Maji Desu ka SKA!" and it airs when all the hype for the single is gone. Dead. We're all looking to the new single, no time for last month's single.

    My eyes kept going to Eripon during the performance. She definitely is going to have Eri qualities galore. She's got humor, the KY, and every once in a while you can't help but notice something sexy about her. I have no doubt that she'll be the new sexy Eri... pon.

    I'm surprised the girls weren't on stools like they showed in the opening last week. Perhaps that's just some footage they shot during the practice run. I adored Kizuki Minami's performance last week, her voice reminds me of Kokia. The video's laggy but I can still make a decent MP3 out of it.

  2. I know this was shot a while back. This is the Kyukkies' first time before a live audience, correct? If so, they did a fine job singing backup.