Sunday, May 8, 2011

Morning Musume live on J-MELO in 20 minutes

So sorry for not making this post earlier, but I literally just remembered. Morning Musume will appear on the NHK World show J-MELO 8:30 AM Japan time (that's 7:30 PM US Eastern) - in 20 minutes.

To watch live:

Thanks to Hidders for telling me about this in the first place.


  1. It was good! It's rare to see Momusu performing with a band. I just wish that they had performed "Maji Desu ka SKA!" with the band instead of running the PV.

    I'm curious about what "Singer Search Supervisors" is so I'll be watching the week after next's episode too. Are they going to make Momusu stalk people on the street and try to get them to sing? Plus they have a bunch of great artists listed for that night. Kana Nishino, Arashi, EXILE, YUI, UVERworld, MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, and the GazettE = YAYnes to the MAX! It's strange how I can be a H!P fan and a MTH fan... Such a gap in style. A lot of those artist remind me of when I first got into foreign music.


  3. @Hidders: It was pretty cool. I really loved at the end when they all sang I Wish.

    All of those artists are beyond amazing (Nishino Kana!) so it sounds like it will be a great show.

    @Melisa: lol I told you twice on msn about a MM live perf in 30 minutes

  4. ...I THOUGHT YOU MEANT TO POST ABOUT IT ;-; and encoding and blah blah

  5. senpai should have sent me a link ~

  6. Re-airings are at 11:30PM, 3:30AM, 7:30AM, 11:30AM, and lastly 3:30PM. So plenty of chances to watch it.

    Kana Nishino, thinking about her song "I Don't Wanna Know (English Version" makes my face red with shame. Years ago I allowed a Myspace member to convince me that is was them singing it. Damn you Luna Lovegood and the Crumple-Horned Snorkacks! Yeah, I'm a sad excuse for a WRock fangirl and J-music fan.