Friday, May 6, 2011

HelloPro! Time Episode 3 (english sub) screenshots

This week's episode is about Berryz Koubou's trip to Seattle, Washington for Sakura-Con. This particular episode has been subtitled into English by Hyakupa so yay.

Our first cameraman is the beautiful Captain!

They start off in Safeco Field, home to the Seattle's baseball team, the Mariners. Miya does an impression of Ichiro Suzuki (the right fielder for the Mariners).

From that, Captain lays out a challenge for the girls to do their best Ichiro impersonations. Chinami is told to throw like him.

Then Kumaicho is told to imitate Ichiro hitting a homerun.

Momo is told to act like Ichiro when meeting fans.

And Risako just yells

They then spot Ichiro on the wall and decide to take a picture.

Chinami takes things to the next level by kissing the portraits. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm jealous of a wall.

Cameraman Maasa takes over for a bit and chats with Momo about what to buy as souvenirs.

Then camerman Maasa runs into cameraman Captain (and Miyabi randomly poses in the background)

The two prettiest Berryz members <3

They run into some guy with a huge dog and Miya wants to take a picture with it

and then Miya plays with it

Now inside the convention center, a fan recognizes Berryz on the escalator, which makes Yurina happy.

Cameraman Maasa returns and shows some of the Anime related stuff the convention has to offer.

Onto the Q&A session.

Yay Otakebi cosplay in front
A fan request

Of course Captain does it (with a little help from Chinami), and it's awesome.

Later that night they have oysters

and clam chowder for dinner.

And some tasty looking things for dessert.

Back in her hotel room, camerman Chinami returns and tells us about how hard she studied English.

The next day, camerman Chinami walks around Seattle.

This time, you're the foreigner, Chinami~
Staff-san has a brilliant idea

She says hi to some random lady, but

Poor Chinami
Chinami actually does a pretty good job talking to her.

I feel the same way when I have oral quizzes with my sensei

Ganbatte Chinami!
She then meets one final person, but doesn't quite get her name right

Oh Chinami <3
After shopping with Miyabi, they see some street musicians.

Chinami then searches in her bags for her coin purse and gives them a tip. That was so nice of her.

Later, Chinami gives English another try.

Pretty much all of these conversations were awkward (especially this one, lol), but Chinami was so cute about it so it's okay <3

After that, they meet a cosplayer (which looks like she is doing a character from Ouran High School Host Club, but my Anime skillz have weakened over the years so I'm probably wrong).

And the lucky girl gets to hug Chinami.

The last segment is footage from their concert.

Chinami decides to cosplay

and tries her best to do an English MC.

I really hope that was on purpose and not just random engrish
And finally, the preview reveals that we will get to see ChisaNakkyMai's date next week!

I think this is by far HelloPro! Time's best episode. And that's saying a lot seeing as the first two episodes were nothing short of amazing. This show just keeps getting better every week and I would normally wonder exactly how they would top this episode, but seeing C-ute's date next week just might do that.

Also, this episode was heavy Chinami, but I'm fine with that because it seemed like Chinami was genuinely excited and happy to be in Seattle. She studied really hard in English (as seen by her textbooks), was able to communicate with Americans who don't speak Japanese, and did a short MC in English. Chinami definitely gets tons of awesome points for this episode. 


  1. Golden! I really loved this episode. Next week is going to be amazing.

    Miyabi looks like a little kid though. First she trys to appear older and now she trying to be a baby doll, the girl needs to be Momofied. Momoko knows who she is and how she wants to be perceived, and she ain't changing it anytime soon. "Just say no to the fake lashes, Miya!"

  2. wow!! i want to watch! but..the blog is dead ): could you maybe.. re upload it? D: but thankyou for the other episodes! i love this!! <3 =]