Saturday, May 7, 2011

Momoiro Sparkling B-side (radio rip)

The b-side to C-ute's new single, Momoiro Sparkling, called FARAWAY was played on Maimi's I My Me Maimi radio show yesterday.

I still don't really like Momoiro Sparkling, but this song is pure win. A lot of people don't really pay attention to b-sides, but this is the exact reason why I give them a fair chance. It's rare, but this is a case where I like the b-side more than the featured song.

Or better yet, if you like this song, you can always help C-ute out by buying it!


  1. With C-ute, I love almost all b-sides (specially Dance de bakoon´s b side, Jump and wasuretakunai natsu ^^)

  2. I approve of it <3
    though I love A-side more

  3. Yeah, I agree that this would have been a better A-side than "Momoiro Sparkling" but it wouldn't be good to have a slow song released in the summer. I really love the line distribution in this song. The lines seem to be evenly spread and long. Can't wait to hear it live.

    Gotta thank chisatointelligenceagency for posting about C-ute's concert live on Ustream. 2AM, totally going to be watching and hopefully recording.

  4. I love this song!!! Amo esta canciĆ³n!!! one reason more to buy this Single!!! :D