Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Morning Musume - Only you 720p HD PV

The Only you PV also aired on M-ON! in HD, so here is a much higher quality version than the Youtube rip.


  1. Here's a 400p encode I made for myself:

    Risa~ Breathtaking. She's already my Leader. Just watch when they go on TV shows for promotion, I've no doubt that Risa will be the active leader while Ai-chan sits back and relaxes.

    You know, despite all the fuss that was made about the hairstyles for "Only You" you gotta admit that all of the girls look really good. But Gaki most of all. And Sayumi, I love me some forehead!Sayumi.

  2. Thanks once again for the video download and the audio too. It's such a great PV and the song will be stuck in my head for weeks >.<