Thursday, May 5, 2011

Morning Musume - Only You (concert rip)

A concert rip of Morning Musume's new single is out!

I've only heard it a handful of times, but it is an instant hit in my mind. It's heavy Ai/Reina, but it's one of Aichan's last singles so I don't mind. I didn't really like the style Maji Desu ka Ska! had (though I understand that something like that was needed for 9th gen to settle in). This is exactly the type of music that I think Morning Musume does best - living somewhere in between emomusume and genkimusume.

And if you want to support Morning Musume, you can buy it. Let's get Aichan another #1 single before she leaves!


  1. LOL Ufa wasted NO time in pushing Riho to front girl postiion before Ai's leave

  2. And I'm happy for that. I see Riho as more or less a direct clone of Aichan's abilities, so the more practice she gets, the better. Hopefully she's been hanging around Aichan so she can learn from the best.

  3. Riho IS the future of momusu.

  4. Hey hey hey hey guess who the pushed into Eri's spot?
    Guess who saw it coming?
    Yeah I had a feeling that would happen.
    And the other three sit in the back. With no lines.
    But the song is WONDERFUL nonetheless.

  5. I am totally falling in love with this song.

    As I've said all over the net, I'm doubting this will be the actual setup of the single. I could see the other Kyukkies having trouble with singing and dancing this song so they have Riho take the lines until the others can nail it live. We won't really know until the radio preview.

    But if that's not the case I'll still be very happy about this single. Riho's my girl and I have no doubt that she will be the Leader one day.

  6. HelloPro! Time 3 footage is on YouTube:

    Cameras in the hands of Berryz Koubou, chaos must not be far behind. Captain's beat-box is golden. BK has their own resturant footage. Two cute girls walking the streets of Seatle alone, don't they know that we have perverts in this country too!? Chinami seems to be 80 years old so I guess she'll be safe but what about Momo? Chinami talks to a woman on the street, probably a Con-goer, which is amusing. Chinami panics. Another woman tells Chinami that she can't do something, I can't understand what that is though. Oh no, Chinami can't seem to help talking to people on the street even though she knows she'll panic and run away. Hehe, Caviar. LOL, poor Chinami, she does try ever so hard. Oh, concert footage! Thank goodness the stage is bigger than the one Morning Musume had for AX.

    There's also a Momoiro Sparkling PV preview at the end of this episode. I still think the song sounds like a b-side but the video looks really cute.

    Next week looks to be Chisate, Mai, and Saki's date! And Maimi seems to get her hands on a camera again.